♫♪  White Poppy - “Confusion”

Iris’d within her natural habitat, White Poppy finds “Confusion.” Like her peer Samantha Glass, she draws upon the Earthly environmental comforts to satiate and dispell the “Confusion” that we all combatant throughout our daily lives. Thus, from her upcoming Not Not Fun album Natural Phenomena out June 23, White Poppy directed and edited (with help from Caitlin Gallupe and Morgan Cook) a Super-8 video for her single, “Confusion.” Jeeeeez, I’m using the word “Confusion” a lot. FIVE: “Confusion.” Confused?

Don’t be! The video explains it all: saged-out silhouettes of White Poppy and her guitar collection, negative-to-positive filtering, DIY hand-processes film, her’s and the crew’s skin (dust) flickering across their work, etc. White Poppy serenading the scenic nature with “Confusion.” A general uplifting reminder that foliage and forests are out there and waiting to hear your voice. Encouraging visuals that inspire a need to be in the world. But starting out with White Poppy towering over mountains in the background is my favorite image.

Find “Confusion” on White Poppy’s Natural Phenomena LP via Not Not Fun this June 23.

• White Poppy: http://white-poppy.com
• Not Not Fun: http://www.notnotfun.com

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