Wooshie is a perfectionist. His new EP, Boyfriend Material, originally slated to drop on May 10, has been pushed back to a June 12th release, simply because Wooshie — a.k.a. Dylan Michel — wanted to master the tracks yet again. In the meantime, the Australian instrumentalist’s label, This Thing, has unveiled a new clip for his track “Codependence.” From a visual standpoint, it’s nothing too groundbreaking — mostly grainy VHS footage of random guys smoking weed, interspersed with a few trippy glowing pot leaves. But set to the eerie, mechanical drone of Wooshie’s track, the video becomes much more unsettling. At one point, during a shot of a man giggling on his couch in a munchies-induced stupor, I was convinced a zombie would appear from out of frame and devour his brains. A little Twilight Zone, a little D.A.R.E., and a whole lot of Wooshie, “Codependence” is the type of enigmatic clip that will leaving you scratching your head for weeks — or at least, until Boyfriend Material arrives.

• Wooshie: http://soundcloud.com/wooshie
• This Thing: http://www.thisthing.us/tt

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