♫♪  WYO Chi - “Brand New”

Man, kids these days. It’s always behooved a rapper to be on the younger side, but Jesus. The 18 and younger crowd is really popping off: Lil Mosey, Tay K, Matt Ox, Bhad Bhabie, YBN Nahmir, it never ends!

I don’t mean to pigeonhole Philly’s WYO Chi and his contemporaries as kid rappers, but I mean, that’s what I’m saying here, the general hip-hop community isn’t pigeonholing them as kid rappers, at least not the cutesy way they used to à la Lil Romeo or Lil Bow Wow or Sammie or Kris Kross.

Kids are taking over, maybe because high-register vocals are so hot right now (example A), maybe because they’re just more creative, who knows. They’re being taken seriously and making waves, and in some sense, toppling the pyramid hierarchy of hip-hop that’s increasingly taken hold the past few years. Good stuff!!!

Anywho, check the new video for WYO Chi’s “Brand New” below, and DO NOT pigeonhole him as a kid rapper.

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