♫♪  Young Thug - “Power”

Young Thug out there. Like, he wildin’ —for sure. But he legit got all the weirdo points. It’s hood investment. Or pure travel in the negative art, oblivion sky range. And the beat is always off on everything, with some obligatory non-intention. Yet, there’s 100% intention in what Young Thug and London On Da Track do. As if all their crayons have been numbed down, but still completes the full set. Maybe more like they’ve still all they marbles, but upon opening that velvet sack, each sphere is sticky with syrup and keef dusted. Thus, they see through the medicine, the medz don’t see through them. Lick-after-lick, “Power” crushes crusted molds of pop and hood culture with emperor level status, just continuing to rank up and bubble over in progressive justice.

Do yourself a favor and grip Slime Season (Favorite Mixtapes of September 2015) immediately to start off an odyssey of a weekend.

• Young Thug: http://www.youngstonerlife.com
• London On Da Track: https://soundcloud.com/LondonOnDaTrack

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