♫♪  Yung Lean - “Yoshi City”

Yung Lean is so fucking Alpha. I’d let him fuck the shit outta me. How old you think he is? “Yoshi City” make him appear tween-ish. More like twink-Alpha. But the way he ghost-ride that three-wheeler make him seem 18-ish. Wait, no, he’s garbage-trucking that three-wheeler. He’s Sweedish, right? I’ll bet IRL he got that big-dick voice too; he speaks all in bold, maybe.

So, like Yung Lean is burning down “Yoshi City” and puffing pounds. Is this maybe the route Miley Cryus should’ve came of age? Seems more low-key and proper. And European, but I’ve never lived there. So I’ve NO idea what Europe even smells like, let alone what it thinks of collectively. Maybe soccer. Maybe being attached to Asia. Maybe they’re just searching for the lost “Yoshi City,” but Yung Lean done burnt it down and is balls deep in my throat. So what!

…..this whole video post couldn’t get any more awkward than actually trying to write about it, right?

• Yung Lean: https://soundcloud.com/yung-lean-doer
• Sad Boys: http://sadboys2001.com

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