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david bowie
david bowie
the guy she married is not as good as me in any way, at least not in my opinion
Plastic Sounds
Stuff that sound like the soundtrack to Lost in Translation but if i was sleeping during the movie.
I don’t have a name for what I am anyway.
I don’t have a name for what I am anyway.
I let a DIY bro play me and now he’s ghosting
i have a blonde gf who is perfect for me and i know true joy
It’s the end of the world as we know it.
my boyfriend has only 9.5 fingers but I still love him
Wash Off the Hair Metallic Residue
Basement Truth or Dare 1989
Negasonic Teenage Funk
Songs that give me the same feeling as Sex on the Beach by DJ Assault
pee and poo
so that’s what happiness feels like
I fell in love with an Australian in an open marriage
you can be a girl if u want to, also estrogen is good as hell
i’m a droner dottie, a rebel
Magic Summer Artisanal Kool-Aid Experiment
I am not at all ok with the recent turn of events but I’m not going to do anything about it either so here’s a mixtape
Capitán Fiasco y los Héroes de la Vieja Banqueta
getting rid of your computer
You can’t change the past. All you can do is get in a healthy place and do better. It’s hard to care when you’re mainly after one thing.
I’m sad and impatient
I’m wearing a push-up bra because I want a man
I’m having trouble forgiving myself for things I’ve done, and I’m not sure those I erred against even care anymore
So Tired
Traffic in Atlanta sucks!!
The dusty back roads off in the horizon are calling my name. Should I answer?
The feeling of being left out by TMT after requesting several mixtapes and getting none
The dream came true
When you wake up in the middle of the night because your boyfriend who is a huge fan of tiny mixtapes took over the whole bed
I’ve broken my leg but I want to dance.
Windows has encountered a fatal extratone error
Chopped and Screwed
Negotiating your internet bill via toll free call
Sat alone in my flat, looking for a reason not just end it all, and finding nothing
songs about sleep or sleeplessness
Until I know for certain otherwise, I’m going to assume you’re with someone and that you just wanted to screw me or hurt me.
We get along amazingly. We have so much fun together. I took her to Slowdive. I was feeling so good about this. Now i feel miserable because she still wants to keep me as a friend, and it doesn’t help me look like a guy she’d date. I REALLY love her.
Even though I’m finally an engineer and life is pretty great now, I still miss you and listen to the secret mixtape you hid for me in a library book.
All the good stuff is on the bottom shelves at goodwill because people are too lazy to bend over
Impress Me With Your Taste
here’s to 18 years of life, best friend.
Make me believe Twee isn’t dead
You’re the perfect girlfriend but every other person I’ve ever liked before is suddenly all over me and I’m afraid of making the wrong choice
I have both personality & mood disorders and everything is slowly going to shit once again