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The Earth and all life on it is a glitch in the universe’s uniform matrix and should be erased
And clearly I’m alone and I love you, which you never seem to understand.
Yes, ditto. But you said go away after you said stay?
My sister is getting married to a really cool dude and I want to play something at their wedding that they can dance to.
PS I still really like you
yr cheatin’ <3
If it’s you and you’re alone, you can email me. But I don’t think you’re alone
Hazed and Abused
Sending a text at 2 a.m. while knowing it was a bad idea and regretting it the next 23 days and counting…
I fell in love with someone in a foreign country and I don’t know if I should tell them before I go home in two months. I know nothing will come of it, but the future looks bleak and I don’t want to waste my chance to connect with them. Please help.
Sepulchral Moment
When you’re high as fuck and waiting for the pizza to show up
we should end it, we should have ended it long ago, but we won’t
What does he want me for? He has her.
it usually feels like my ex has borderline personality disorder
feeling weird about your body while reading ranma 1/2 at 2 am [~24 HOUR NIGHTCORE MIX~]
Strange Bedfellows (genres that don’t normally mesh well together)
Fellini serving linguine in a mini bikini
I wanna be held by the person I love and to understand what is going on
The boy I’m in love with is dating a perfect nymph with a Master’s degree
Songs where madness meets brilliance
It’s immaterial what’s in my heart or how many times the timing was off, we got our communication wires crossed, or we should have made up faster. Because he never looked at me the way he looks at her.
Sleep, like me, comes in spurts
I don’t know how to get through the pain again
grad school is revving up my depression—want musical release
I just wanted a good start.
songs lemmy would’ve liked
Thanks for lying to me and saying you loved me too when you were/are still with someone else.
He wants to sow more wild oats
80’s Electro modern Stuff (beats are not forbidden)
I gained 20 lbs this year but I still want to feel like a badass bitch
Slow songs for bad dancers
Soundtrack to a Gorgonzola Worshipping cult
Something I can listen to when I read the sad parts of a Thomas Hardy book.
Songs to watch YouTube clips of May 68 to
I almost left my husband for my ex-boyfriend. The only thing that stopped me is what stopped me then- we have different religions.
Phuket Can Buy Benicar-Hct 20Mg
I’m running out of food network competition shows to watch on netflix
I’ve been buying a lot of gas station boner pills recently
Chasing Bliss while Staring at My Shoes after the Sunny Day in Glasgow show nobody went to
I need to quit doing drugs
Bassy shit to play for your friends that only like Flume and Chance the Rapper
Old Timey New Time Steamboat Tunes
My best friend from high school is in love with her new best friend’s boyfriend and needs the courage to step in.
Technical details about your permanent failure.
The lights always come on at the worst times
my food scale broke and now my macros are fucked
A little nauseous