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Why did you say you loved me too?
Just when I thought this day couldn’t get any worse
I miss snuggling with you in your warm bed
I just wanted us to get our groove back first. What was wrong with talking a few times so I could feel safe again? And then taking our next steps together? I thought he was finally going to be my boyfriend.
I was feeling happy and now everything is awful again. I don’t even get a reason
What did I do to deserve this
I got stuck playing Peach in Mario Kart…again
Of course you can reach out to me too. I might get scared sometimes but you still have my heart.
MM… Food (Rap Songs About Food)
I’m sick of my job, sick at my job and love Bruce Springsteen
Bluegrass that isn’t OCMS
The feeling is only mutual… and i am all in. You know that, but are you?
My Flannel Loves Me and That’s Enough
I keep procrastinating on coming out to my extended family and i don’t know why at this point
Don’t just have ideas; just have an idea.
Kanye West Songs with Light in the Title
eating carrots and hummus in the library on a sunny london friday
my adolescence was boring so i want to compensate by making out with hip college students
Vaping during Schindler’s List
If he would pause a moment, maybe he’d see how deep my love has been and is. How else would I remember so much or why would I still be here? And I’ve been alone longer than he knows.
You don’t love me, you just don’t want to be alone.
I am not small aka songs to muster a triumphant future
Sorry 4 Partying dance mix
I have a strange fear that if I reach out to him, he’ll say, “Haha. Fooled you,” “I’m with someone again,” or (worst of all) “I was trying to forget you.”
Lost in a melanchonic dark discoteque with fog and purple lights
my cat’s gone and i’m afraid i’ll never see her again
bumping good music and feelin myself
Seems like we both want back in each other’s lives and hearts but we’re both a little scared or unsure of what to do
Set Fire To Your Old Self, Bring Out the New
I missed you and was sad without you
It’s intimidating how much we have in common, how much I like you, and how much I don’t wanna mess things up between us (and then there are some things better said face to face)
Really tired, but can’t sleep a wink.
Zone Out and Drink Some Juice
I don’t know what to tell you, but these assumptions are too much. I love you and that is all she wrote.
When I used to go out I’d know everyone I saw, now I go out alone if I go out at all
What is love?
I Liked You More Before You Were A Sanctimonious Narcissist
Sexual confusion is a motherfucker
when you step in a big puddle and ruin your favorite boot and an old lady laughs at you but then she also steps in the puddle and you both are crying
I have six cousins.
I actually support Donald Trump but I’m rooting for Bernie Sanders so I don’t up losing my friends
Trapped in the sofa.
Can we talk? How do we begin
Spring Time Booty Jamz
I asked the shuttle driver if I should move in with my girlfriend and she told me she’s been divorced 4 times.
sophisticate thug
Hit me with your polyrhythm stick
Music Video Mix
theory bro blues