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You’re the perfect girlfriend but every other person I’ve ever liked before is suddenly all over me and I’m afraid of making the wrong choice
I have both personality & mood disorders and everything is slowly going to shit once again
broken shattered tattered and torn you left tiny little shards of me. Now your doing time and I just try to put nack all the pieces of me while slowly im loosing my fuckin mind! DC u left me bruised and battered broken n shattered.
I’m shifting in and out of reality seeing all possibility.
Facebook’s newsfeed make me outrage so hard that i’m seriosly thinking into going on a crusade against zuckerberg
i am scared by how much i like idm
I Feel So High R8 Now
J.D. & Veronica (Heathers)
“I’m a man who falls in love so easily, and with such reckless lack of consideration for the consequences of my actions, that from the very first instant of entering into a marriage I become, almost by definition, an adulterer.”
I remember Justine…
in it now
the sid to my nancy.
My soul is stuck in the ’80s.
Life is grim, but we make it better
This body is about to vomit up my spirit, right into thin air
I’m sick of living like this
i want to leave you but im not sure if im gonna be okay
hypothetical soundtrack to my cinematic, slow-motion death scene
“Art is anything you can get away with” ― Marshall McLuhan
I wanna smoke blunts with Dean Blunt
I’m STILL nauseous
Straight white men with transphobic cats that steal my soy cheeze(got me pregnant)
My piss smells like coffee. I quit 3 years ago. I was adopted. Twice.
I want really extreme auto-tune
Approaching 30 and still getting frequent erections in public lately. Hide or not?
On a scale from 1 to giving a fuck, are you my real dad?
it’s 8 am, i’m crashing hard, and i hate myself
I wore my heart on my sleeve, but the rain has made it run
I don’t hate your narcissistic ass anymore
Vandalay Industries
Fear and loathing on a rainy day
I miss my healthcare
recently I realized the guy I liked was gay & the same night I hooked up with one of my girl friends. what does this mean
I Can’t Believe You’re Moving To Another Country And All You Gave Me Was This Stupid Napkin
Hot Cube
Lunar phases and other things that ruin the day
Together we’ll hold up and survive the zombie apocalypse
I Think my Tooth is Loose but I’m not Certain
I discovered he hates women
I wonder if my ex listens to Lil Peep
I procrastinated on my ethics paper by: listening to Aaron dilloway’s DIScography, masTURBating, chain smoking, looking up job opportunities on craigslist, and checking how much I need to make a C in my ethics class… and now I want to die.
Are we having fun yet?
Love War Chronicles By PEEPSnation
I’m not running around. But all you want is to get laid, so I let you go to have your fun. Is that not what you want?
I am addicted to Japanese visual novels and lonely as hell
Quarter Life Crisis & Existential Crisis had a Love Child
Music to play while losing my virginity
I’m tired of having to live up to the expectations of people I don’t respect