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1. Browse through the mix tape requests below. Once you find a request that you’d like to compile to a mix, click on its title and you’ll arrive at the “edit” page.

* Note: Only click on a mix tape title if you intend to create the mix at that moment. Once you click on a title, the mix tape will be locked until you submit a mix tape (if you don’t submit anything within two hours, the mix will be made available again to everyone).

2. Fill out your name in “Compiled by” and put your mix tape in the “Mix Tape Tracklist” field. Please submit your tracklists in the following format (mind everything down to the punctuation!):

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02. Artist - “Song Title”
03. Artist - “Song Title”

Feel free to add a paragraph or two at the top of the “Mix Tape Tracklist” field. It’s funner that way.

3. Once you’ve saved your tape, the title will disappear from this Mix Tape Requests page and go straight to Trillian, our fearless mix tapes leader. If you wish for your creations to make it to the site, then please follow her rules. She’ll review each mix tape submission, and if all looks good, she’ll publish them on the site.

If you have any questions, please email

Thanks, and have fun making some mix tapes!

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Love Songs for my Lo-Fi Hipster
Spring Cleaning
I hate you and everyone else
You said you won’t love me, now all I want to do is break your heart.
Swag is current, but Suave is forever
non-cliche songs for karaoke that will still get the claps
The Strangely Moving Circus (of Doctor Mandelbaum)
I’m in love with someone that is so insanely off limits that it should be illegal. (Actually, it is.)
Saying good-bye to an incredible friend who is moving away to do great things with her life
My boyfriend who promised to be everything I needed in a guy, has just broken up with me and won’t talk to me.
i h8 ev3ry1 .. mus!c save me b4 i k!LL mYs3lf
Prom Night. 2006.
i throw up everything i eat. i want to be happy and normal again
First time getting high
When you are falling for your friend with benefits, and wonder if he feels the same way, but can’t say anything because you don’t want to lose the friend.
Falling for your friend with benefits, and wondering if he feels the same, but can’t say anything because you don’t want to lose the friend part.
Theres a Beer in my Breakfast
Something better to sing to a fussy baby so I can pretend I’m still cool.
Mixtape for my indie-ish future girlfriend
Storybook Love
31 y.o. Spinster
Storybook Love
Embracing the absurdity of existence
I once was a metal junkie
Tough people don’t go easy
Falling back into bad habits
Stitches are still better than rehab
“not even a mouthful of bees could stop me from whispering i don’t love you” -mount moriah
upbeat indie rock songs to get me going in the morning
upbeat indie rock songs to get me going in the morning
I’m moving to Canada but I still love you.
I miss you and I just want to see you again
Sad songs just to hang around sad.
I have strong feelings for someone and they are not returned
pump up for an adventure!
I think I really like this guy but still in love with my ex who is exactly like him
So You Want To Listen To Experimental Music?: Getting Into Experimental Music In Several Quick And Easy Steps
Best summer songs (playing in the fields)
I feel like I have let someone down and want to wallow in self-pity but also feel good about myself in the end
Consoling your best friend on the train tracks while she cries over another asshole, knowing you belong together
Moving Out Of The Crappy Freshman Dorm
my so called best friend turned out to be a bitch.
I’m moving alone to California this Fall
I’m moving alone to California this Fall
afraid I will not find a purpose in life
music to make me feel stronger (preferably with a nice baseline, but NO screamo)
Hot girls singing over pianos
F*ck life, i don’t want to exist anymore
Ripping some awesome farts on the bus, blame them on old people
You once told me I was your flame and you were my moth. Now I play the moth alone in the dark night.