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Songs to Walk Through the Halls of High School To.
what the fuck is with all these goddamn car mixtapes
HELP! I’m stuck on the East Coast and I miss the West Coast
sad bastard hipster pop
Swag/Trill/Based or what ever you cal Internet Hip-hop in 2012
Haunting Music to Soothe My Troubled Soul
I’m 27. I’m falling out of love with my first love while simultaneously falling in love with my second. It’s painful and lovely, both at the same time.
It’s Friday I’m in Love
My Girlfriend Just Got Deployed (an hour ago). I’m Thrilled to be Single Again!
I’m In Love With You (but I can’t tell you just yet, or else it’ll ruin everything)
what?! these songs actually work together
We’re becoming best friends, and I can’t tell if I should kiss you or not
Break-up Songs
Completely heart broken. For now I just want to sit in a pool of my own pity.
He traded me for a fat whale in a bikini.
A friend cheated on his girlfriend with me. I feel shitty, used and full of regret.
I can’t afford to quit my job… so I’m stuck in Vietnam for another 3 months.
I can’t afford to quit my job… so I’m stuck in Vietnam for another 3 months.
Dirty Filthy Dubstep
I don’t start a relationship with you out of a lie.
I feel like I’m going nowhere because I AM going nowhere and this gin isn’t helping and these people at my party are annoying
Songs For Travelling Through European Mountains By Train
Songs For A Space Cowgirl
Just got out of an abusive relationship, need songs to learn from it to
Too British to ask anyone out.
Jesus Was A Jew: The Story of a Ballerina Nightmare.
who wants cheese on their burger?
Hey Punker! Wire just didn’t release Pink Flag.
I’m too British to ask anyone out.
happy songs for sad people/sad songs for happy people
2 southern girls on a spring break road trip from KY to MI, celebrating ending years-long relationships that fucked us up to the point we had to run away for a week
the machinery of the world is much too complex for the minds of men
Songs to listen to when you need to get through high school
I fell in love at Rehab. Seriously?
Indie music for a The Decemberists-loving guy?
when you makeup your lover and make up HIS nails as well
The ragged and ecstatic joy of pure being
why are there no mixtapes about having the time of your live with the best people you’ve ever known?
I hope you fall into a deep, dark, bug infested hole that you’ll never be able to crawl out of because you have no upper body strength and no emotions so the adrenaline would never kick in and you’d never have a sudden burst of amazing strength.
Indie music I should listen to to impress an indie-music loving guy
love songs for married couples
i never meant to hurt you, so dont hate me
i need to jam for the whole drive from tennessee to colorado and back
You have a girlfriend, I don’t have any morals, songs to keep the boundaries in place
We hooked up drunk and now I think I’m in love with you, but you don’t feel the same way
Songs that Kurt Cobain would have written if he were still alive
Songs from when country music actually meant something
I’m a manic pixie dream girl. Fuck me on a rainbow.