Tiny Mix Tapes 2010 Year-End Fest! 2010 according to TMT

Favorite 50 AlbumsFavorite 25 FilmsChocolate Grinder Mix 2010Top 25 Album CoversShouting for Show, Lyrics for DoughThe Inevitable Fall and Destriction of EMIWhiskey and Popcorn: The Art of Watching Bad MoviesDid You Borrow My 2010 and Forget to Return it?


Favorite 50 Albums of 2010
Favorite 25 Films of 2010
Chocolate Grinder Mix 2010
Top 25 Album Covers of 2010

Shouting for Show, Lyrics for Dough: Hip-Hop has a banner year
The Inevitable Fall and Destruction of EMI: A (dying) record company’s future and the implications on the music industry
Whiskey and Popcorn: The art of watching bad movies
Did You Borrow My 2010 and Forget to Return It? “My records are like my employees, but this is a generous, profit-sharing company.”

[Artwork by Dina Kelberman]

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