Brian Eno Mix Tape (make me love him!)

01. Brian Eno - “Sky Saw” (Another Green World)
02. Brian Eno - “Baby’s On Fire” (Here Come The Warm Jets)
03. Brian Eno - “King’s Lead Hat” (Before and After Science)
04. Brian Eno - “From The Same Hill” (Music for Films)
05. David Bowie (with Brian Eno) - “Warsawza” (Low)
06. Brian Eno - “An Ending (Ascent)” (Apollo)
07. Brian Eno - “On Some Faraway Beach” (Here Come The Warm Jets)
08. Brian Eno - “Golden Hoursv” (Another Green World)
09. Brian Eno - “Don’t Look Back” (More Music For Films)
10. David Byrne and Brian Eno - “The Jezebel Spirit” (My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts)
11. Roxy Music - “In Every Dream Home a Heartache” (For Your Pleasure)
12. Brian Eno - “By This River” (Before and After Science)

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