Cigarettes and Coffee

Rather than just use songs with Coffee or Cigarettes in the title for the entire mix (there are enough out there) i’ve used the songs which make you desperately want to buy a pack or find that old pouch from behind the couch, put on a pot of coffee and channel some Jarmusch.

01. Otis Redding - “Cigarettes and Coffee” (The Soul Album)
02. Three Dog Night - “Mama Told Me Not to Come” (It Aint’ Easy)
03. Donovan - “Cuttin’ Out” (What’s Bin Did And What’s Bin Hid)
04. Marie Laforest - “Marie Douceur, Marie Colere” (Femmes De Paris V.1)
05. The Coasters - “Down in Mexico” (1970 single recording)
06. The Clash - “Bankrobber” (Super Black Market Clash)
07. The Animals - “Inside Looking Out” (Animalization)
08. Cody ChesnuTT - “The Seed” (The Headphone Masterpiece)
09. Bob Dylan - “Ballad Of A Thin Man” (Highway 61 Revisited)
10. The White Stripes - “I’m Finding It Harder To be a Gentleman Everyday” (White Blood Cells)
11. War & Eric Burden - “Spill the Wine” (Eric Burden Declares “War”)
12. The Libertines - “Music When the Lights Go Out” (The Libertines)
13.The Velvet Underground - “I’m Waiting For The Man” (The Velvet Underground & Nico)
14. Compulsive Gamblers - “Two Thieves” (Crystal Gazing Luck Amazing)
15. The Zombies - “Time of the Season” (Odyssey & Oracle)
16. The Black Lips - “Veni Vidi Vici” (Good Bad Not Evil)
17.David Bowie - “Rock & Roll Suicide” (The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders From Mars)
18. Yves Montand - “Rue St Vincent” (Rushmore OST)

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