College no longer feels like summer camp.

01. Yo La Tengo- "The Summer" (Fakebook)
02. The Strokes- "Is This It?" (Is This It?)
03. The Replacements- "Fuck School" (Stink EP)
04. Yeasayer- "Wait For the Summer" (All Hour Symbols)
05. The Wrens- "This Is Not What You Had Planned" (Meadowlands)
06. Ornette Coleman- "Focus On Sanity" (The shape Of Jazz To Come)
07. Songs:Ohia- "Just Be Simple" (Magnolia Electric Co.)
08. Postal Service- "This Place Is A Prison" (Give Up)
09. Lovage- "Everyone Has A Summer" (Lovage: Music To Make Love To
Your Old Lady By)
10. Brian Eno- "On Some Faraway Beach" (Here Come The Warm Jets)
11. Neko Case- "Hold On Hold On" (The Fox Confessor Brings The Flood)
12. Aberfeldy- "Summer's Gone" (Young Forever)
13. Weezer- "Holiday" (Weezer)

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