Cute boy, sometimes I think I’m not hip, indie, sexy and cool enough for you. This mix will show you that I, indeed, am.

Well, I’m not sure how well I can do sexy in a playlist, but I’m definitely hip… So hip.

01. Panda Bear - “Bros” (Person Pitch)
02. Band of Horses - “No One’s Gonna Love You” (Cease to Begin)
03. The Tallest Man on Earth - “The Gardener” (Shallow Graves)
04. Born Ruffians - “Little Garcon” (Red, Yellow & Blue)
05. Handsome Furs - “All We Want, Baby, Is Everything” (Face Control)
06. Plants and Animals - “Guru” (Parc Avenue)
07. Said the Whale - “The Light is You” (Howe Sounds/Taking Abalonia)
08. Spoon - “Well-Alright” (Dark Was the Night)
09. Yukon Blonde - “Rather Be With You” (Yukon Blonde)

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