dancing in the dark on repeat only does so much; can you capture the feeling in other tunes?

01. Arcade Fire - "Keep That Car Running" (Neon Bible)
02 The Flaming Lips - "It Overtakes Me, The Stars are So Big, I am So Small, Do I Stand a Chance?" (At War With The Mystics)
03. The Smiths - "Cemetry Gates" (The Queen Is Dead)
04. Wolf Parade - "Fancy Claps" (Apologies to the Queen Mary)
05. John Lennon - "Nobody Told Me" (The Very Best of....)
06. Mark Ronson - "Stop Me (Feat. Daniel Merriweather)" (Version)
07. Michael Jackson - "Smooth Criminal" (Bad)
08. My Bloody Valentine - "Only Shallow" (Loveless)
09. Of Montreal - "A Sentence Of Sorts In Kongsvinger" (Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer?)
10. Paul Simon - "You Can Call Me Al" (Graceland)
11. The Shins - "Red Rabbits" (Wincing The Night Away)
12. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - "Maps" (Fever to Tell)
13. Bruce Springsteen - "Working on the Highway" (Born In The U.S.A)

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