Drowning out the little voices of self-doubt

Cheer up, kid! Life isn't so bad, honest! Here are some happy pop songs to shush those little voices.

01. Those Dancing Days - "In Our Space Hero Suits" (In Our Space Hero Suits)
02. Annemarie - "Bubblegum I See" (ABC on TV)
03. Architecture In Helsinki - "That Beep" (That Beep)
04. Kimya Dawson - "I Like Giants" (Remember That I Love You)
05. Bonne Idée - "It Will Be Back" (Bonne Klée)
06. Lucy & The Caterpillar - "Beans on Toast" (Lucy' Opinion)
07. Seabear - "Arms" (The Ghost That Carried Us Away)
08. Oh, Atoms - "Sugar Mouse" (You Can't See The Stars From Here)
09. Hjaltalín - "Traffic Music" (Sleepdrunk Sessions)
10. Gregory & The Hawk - Coco (In Your Dreams)
11. Brilliant At Breakfast - "Strawberry V" (Demo)

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