Everyones all like “think about your future and college” and I’m like “uhhhhhhhhhhhh”

This one is to easy… Let’s move through “Punk” and all the different ways to say “uhhhhhh!” and Fuck You! (sorry if it gets a little poppy)

The Who - “My Generation” (The Kids are Alright, amongst others)
The Ramones - “Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue” (S/T)
Sex Pistols - “Seventeen” (Nevermind the Bollocks…)
The Clash- “Career Oppurtunities” (The Clash)
Minor Threat -“Minor Threat” (Complete Discography)
Operation Ivy - “Gonna Find you” (Energy)
The Replacments -“Bastards of Young” (Tim)
The Refused - “Summerholiday vs Punkroutine” (The Shape of Punk to Come)
Descendants - “Milo Goes to College” (Milo Goes to College)
Bad Religion - “Suffer” (Suffer)
Green Day - “Welcome to Paradise” (Dookie, Kerplunk)
Jimmy Eat World - “The Middle” (Bleed American)

secret track… John Lennon - “Imagine” (Imagine)..think about it for a minute.

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