Everything seems hopeless with financial aid out the window. My generation is actually fucked.

College is pretty cool but paying for it sucks. I pay everything on my own because my family is pretty poor and my financial aid is minimal. It’s all bureaucratic nonsense, but it’s not just your generation.

01. Defiance, Ohio - “Hey Kathleen, Are You Hungry?” (Share What Ya Got)
02. Bob Dylan - “Hurricane” (Desire)
03. Rites of Spring - “Deeper Than Inside” (End on End)
04. Atrophy - “Matter of Attitude” (Socialized Hate)
05. Digable Planets - “Where I’m From” (Reachin’)
06. Ice-T - “I Must Stand” (Return of the Real)
07. The Muslims - “America” (The Muslims)
08. Crystal Castles - “Plague” (III)
09. Bathory - “Dies Irae” (Blood Fire Death)
10. Majical Cloudz - “Bugs Don’t Buzz” (Impersonator)
11. The Antlers - “No Widows” (Burst Apart)
12. Andrew Jackson Jihad - “Rejoice” (People That Can Eat People Are the Luckiest People in the World)

Everyone has felt the way you do. Whether it’s financial, emotional, or whatever. These tunes should cover whatever emotion or genre you’re feeling. You may not identify with all of it but it all matters. Your generation isn’t fucked. EVERYONE is fucked. And that’s okay. We all make due. Stay strong. It’s not all politics, not all tradition, not all yourself that’s holding you back. It’s everything. So when you triumph in the face of all of it, you’ll feel that much better.

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