Exams are happening. I want to wallow in self-pity but also feel kind of hopeful and better for it when I get results

01. Durutti Column - “Sketch for Summer” (The Return of the Durutti Column)
02. Mac Demarco - “Viceroy” (2)
03. The Azusa Plane - “A Magnetic Breakthrough” (Where the Sands turn to Gold)
04. Blonde Redhead - “Messenger” (Misery is a Butterfly)
05. Dean Blunt - “Galice” (The Narcissist II)
06. Ernst Reijseger - “Deep Cave” (Cave of Forgoten Dreams OST)
07. Leyland Kirby - “This is the Story of Paradise Lost” (Eager to Tear Apart the Stars)

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