Expressing myself as a person instead of holding it in like a robot.

01. Marina & The Diamonds - “I Am Not A Robot” (The Family Jewels)
02. Emily Haines - “Pretty Head” (Cut In Half And Also Double)
03. Feist(Diplo Remix) - “I Feel It All” (Singles & Duplicates)
04. Eskimo & Sons - “No Shit” (How Does It Feel To Be Crushed By One Man With The Strength Of A Million)
05. Straylight Run - “How Do I Fix My Head” ( The Needles The Space)
06. Matt Pond PA - “The Trees And The Wild” (Several Arrows Later)
07. Trembling Blue Stars - “Under Lock and Key” (Alive to Every Smile)
08. The Boy Least Likely To - “I See Spiders When I Close My Eyes” (The Best Party Ever)
09. Nada Surf - “See These Bones” (Lucky)
10. Luke Doucet - “One Too Many” (Broken and Other Rogue States)
11. The Weepies - “Nobody Knows Me At All” (Say I Am You)
12. The Magic Numbers - “Which Way to Happy” (If It Was You)
13. Tegan and Sara - “Don’t Confess (This Thing That Breaks My Heart)” (If It Was You)
14. Jeremy Warmsley - “Lose My Cool” (How We Became)
15. Icona Pop - “Manners (Extended)” (Compilation)

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