Headphones on. Eyes closed. Music: take me away.

01. My Morning Jacket - “Steam Engine” (It Still Moves)
02. Air - “Playground Love” (The Virgin Suicides Soundtrack)
03. Bibio - “Lovers’ Carvings” (Ambivalence Avenue)
04. Caribou - “Odessa” (Swim)
05. College Featuring Electric Youth - “A Real Hero” (Drive Soundtrack)
06. Cotton Mather - “Lily Dreams On” (Veronica Mars Soundtrack)
07. Deerhunter - “Desire Lines” (Halcyon Digest)
08. Future Islands - “Balance” (On the Water)
09. LCD Soundsystem - “Someone Great” (Sound of Silver)
10. Washed Out - “New Theory” (Life of Leisure)
11. Grizzly Bear - “I Live With You” (Veckatimest)
12. Girls in Hawaii - “Flavor” (From Here to There)
13. Elliott Smith - “Angeles” (Either/Or)

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