How is it only Tuesday?

A mix to help you get back into it!

01. The Undertsudy - "Fine Young Folk" (What Not To Do When In Love)

02. Port O'Brien - "I Woke Up Today" (All We Could Do Was Sing)

03. Matthew Dear - "Pom Pom" (Asa Breed)

04. Pomegranates - "In The Kitchen" (Everything Is Alive)

05. Project Jenny, Project Jan - "320" (XOXOXOXOXO)

06. Tame Impala - "Remember Me" (Remember Me B-Side)

07. The Walkmen - "Little House Of Savages" (Bows + Arrows)

08. Longwave - "Wake Me When It's Over" (The Strangest Things)

09. TV on the Radio - "Halfway Home" (Dear Science)

10. Why? - "Fatalist Palmistry" (Alopecia)

11. Badly Drawn Boy - "The Shining - The Avalanches Good Word For The Weekend Remix" (Once Around The Block EP)

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