I already forget how I used to feel about you…

So, as a newbie Robot, I chose this mix tape because I knew a Joel, well several Joel's... However, there is one particular Joel who I miss dearly. We did not know each other long, but it was brief and powerful. Anywho, he was a drummer in a punk rock band -- he liked Turbonegro and GWAR... We are gonna start off heavy, okay? Mostly heavy...

Side A

01. Black Flag - "Depression" (Everything Went Black)

02. X - "Johnny Hit and Run Paulene" (Los Angeles)

03. Year Long Disaster - "It Ain't Luck" (Self-Titled)

04. Cancer Bats - "French Immersion" (Birthing the Giant)

05. Bush - "Machinehead" (Sixteen Stone)

06. Falling Sickness - "Sleeping It Off" (Because the World Has Failed Us Both)

07. Tegan and Sara - "Back In Your Head" (The Con)

08. The Black Keys - "Have Love, Will Travel" (Thickfreakness)

09. Robert Jonson - "Hellhound" (King of the Delta Blues Singers)

Side B

01. M.I.A - "Paper Planes" (Kala)

02. Nekromantix - "Who Killed the Cheerleader?" (Return of the Loving Dead)

03. Sam Sparro - "Cottonmouth" (Self-Titled)

04. Hercules and the Love Affair - "True/False Fake/Real" (Self-Titled)

05. Martina Topley-Bird - "Sandpaper Kisses' (Quixotic)

06. River City Tanlines - "Modern Friction" (Modern Friction -Single)

07. The Pogues - "Love You 'Til the End" (Pogue Mahone)

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