I clean a shop while it’s closed all alone and I need good music to make the time fly.

1.Semisonic- “Closing Time” (Feeling Strangely Fine)
2.Say Anything- Slumming it with Johnny” (For Sale EP)
3.New Found Glory- “Hold My Hand” (Coming Home)
4.Fenix TX- “Threesome” (Fenix TX)
5.Kid Cudi- “Up, Up, and Away” (Man on the Moon)
6.Everclear- “Santa Monica”
7.Mest- “Drawing Board” (Destination Unknown)
8.Pavement- “Cut your Hair” (Crooked Rain)
9.Say Anything- “Do Better” (Say Anything)
10.Say Anything- “Woe” (…is a Real Boy)
11.Bright Eyes- “Drunk Kid Catholc”
12.Eve 6- “Beautiful Oblivion” (Horrorscope)
13.Jack’s Mannequin- “Miss California” (The Glass Passenger)
14.Jack’s Mannequin- “Holiday from Real” (Everything in Transit)
15.Dashboard Confessional- “Again I Go Unnoticed” (The Places You Have Come to Fear the Most)
16.Unwritten Law- “Save me” (The Hit List)
17.Unwritten Law- “Cailin” (The Hit List)
18.Third Eye Blind- “Never Let You Go” (Blue)
19.Modest Mouse- “Exit Does Not Exist” (This is a Long Drive for Someone with Nothing to Think About)

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