I fall in love too easily, I fall in love too fast

As a stranger, no one knows your situation like you. There is something to be said for holding onto your life cards. Life and Love are gambles. It’s all about holding out until it feels right. If it’s going to happen, it will. Most of the best relationships in my life happened when I wasn’t even looking. Guard your heart and know when to walk away. That’s why I chose “The Gambler” as the last song. It’s absolutely perfect.

01. Indigo Girls - “Closer to Fine” (Indigo Girls)
02. ALL - “She’s My Ex” (Allroys Revenge)
03. Ween - “Tried and True” (Quebec)
04. Whitney Houston - “How Will I Know” - (Greatest Hits)
05. Pixies - “Gouge Away” - (The best of the Pixies)
06. Phil Collins - “Easy Lover” (The Very Best Of)
07. Jenny Owen Youngs - “Here is A Heart” - (Transmitter Failure)
08. Fruit Bats - “When You Love Somebody” (Mouthfuls)
09. The Format - “Snails” (Dog Problems)
10. Blitzen Trapper - “Love the Way You Walk Away” - (American Goldwing)
11. Cat Power - “Metal Heart” - (Jukebox)
12. Natalie Merchant - “Carnival” (Tigerlily)
13. The Rolling Stones - “Shattered” (Some Girls)
14. Tegan and Sara - “I Was A Fool” (Heartthrob)
15. Tom Petty - “Listen to her Heart” (Greatest Hits)
16. Whitley - “More than Life” (The submarine)
17. Kings of Leon - “Head To Toe” (four Kicks 7”)
18. The Raconteurs - “Together” (Broken Boy Soldiers)
19. Kenny Rogers - “The Gambler” (21 Number One’s)

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