I hate wanting someone.

Being unrequited sucks.

It started to feel pessimistic towards the end, so I needed a little Kimbra to lift it back up again.

01. Ellie Goulding - “Only You” (Halcyon)
03. Bat For Lashes - “Daniel” (Two Suns)
04. Sade - “Is it a crime” (The Best of Sade)
05. Frank Ocean - “Forrest Gump” (channel ORANGE)
06. Yuna - “See You Go” (Yuna)
07. Nujabes - “Luv (Sic) (Modal Soul Remix) (featuring Shing02)” (Hydeout Productions 2nd Collection)
08. Trouble Over Tokyo - “4,228 Miles” (Pyramides)
09. Jens Lekmen - “Erica America” (I Know What Love Isn’t)
10. Neko Case - “This Tornado Loves You” (Middle Cyclone)
11. Ryuichi Sakamoto + David Sylvian - “Forbidden Colours” (Moto.tronic)
12. Kimbra - “Cameo Lover” (Vows)

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