I just got arrested with my best friends, and I couldn’t be happier

Oh man, I got you on this one. Went through a similar experience a while back. Here’s some tracks for you, your buds, and your lawyer to fight The Man to.

1. White Noise - Kick, Push, Ghost
2. Phish - Sanity
3. Aesop Rock - Pigs
4. John Butler Trio - Zebra
5. Goldfish - We Come Together
6. Arctic Monkeys - From the Ritz to the Rubble
7. CAKE - Sheep Go To Heaven
8. Disco Biscuits- You and I
9. Eels - Hey Man (or) I Like Birds
10. Lyrics Born - Callin Out
11. Franz Ferdinand - Evil and a Heathen
12. Gorillaz - Re-Hash
13. Hilltop Hoods- Chase That Feeling
14. MGMT - Weekend Wars
15. Umphrey’s McGee - Front Porch



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