I need a good mix to listen to on a sunny day with a beautiful girl who may or may not like me. Hopefully this mix tape will help decide that

01. Matt Costa - “Sunshine” (Songs We Sing)
02. Coldplay - “Strawberry Swing” (Viva La Vida)
03. Best Coast - “This Is Real” (When I’m With You - Single)
04. The Smiles - “California Girls” (Hermosa - EP)
05. Joe Purdy - “Wash Away” (Julie Blue)
06. Pernice Brothers - “Weakest Shade of Blue” (Yours, Mine & Ours)
07. Islands - “Jogging Gorgeous Summer” (Return To Sea)
08. Best Coast - “When I’m With You” (Crazy For You)
09. Jason Mraz - “I’m Yours” (We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things.)
10. Sufjan Stevens - “Chicago” (Illinois)
11. Tennis - “Long Boat Pass” (Cape Dory)
12. Bob Dylan - “I Want You” (Blonde on Blonde)
13. Jeremy Messersmith - “Knots” (The Reluctant Graveyard)
14. Kaolin - “Parton Vite” (Parton Vite - Single)

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