I need wedding reception music that doesn’t suck.

Congratulations on the engagement. Here are some pre-dance and dance songs that might help you out. There are some great, standard-fare wedding songs (Beatles, Beach Boys, Marvin Gaye, Michael Jackson, etc.), but I tried to stay away from tracks you'll likely stumble on yourself. And if you want to have a single, unobtrusive artist for your pre-dance portion, it wouldn't hurt to go with John Fahey, Amalia Rodriguez, earlier John Coltrane, or Antonio Carlos Jobim. Of course, this all hinges on what theme you might have or what mood you want to convey, but it's a start.

Pre-dance tracks:

1. The Velvet Underground - "Sunday Morning" (Velvet Underground & Nico)
2. John Fahey - "In a Persian Market" (Old Fashioned Love)
3. Sean Lennon - "Into the Sun" (Into the Sun)
4. Belle & Sebastian - "If You're Feeling Sinister" (If You're Feeling Sinister)
5. Vashti Bunyan - "Diamond Day" (Just Another Diamond Day)
6. The Microphones - "Karl Blau" (It Was Hot We Stayed in the Water)
7. Joe Tex - "The Love You Save (May Be Your Own)" (Death Proof OST)
8. Panda Bear - Track 3 (Young Prayer)
9. Clinic - "Distortions" (Internal Wrangler)
10. Spiritualized - "Sweet Talk" (Songs in A&E)
11. Sun City Girls: "Mr. Lonely Viola" (Mister Lonely OST)
12. The Robot Ate Me - "The Tourist" (On Vacation)

Dance tracks:

1. The Emotions - "Best of My Love" (The Best of The Emotions)
2. Sharon Jones - "Got a Thing on My Mind" (Dap Dippin'...)
3. Erykah Badu - "Me" (New Amerykah Part One)
4. Guns N' Roses - "Since I Don't Have You" (The Spaghetti Incident)
5. Dan Deacon - "Okie Dokie" (Spiderman of the Rings)
6. Mu - "Jealous Kids" (Afro Finger & Gel)
7. Max Tundra - "Gondry" (Mastered by the Guy at Exchange)
8. The Coasters - "Down in Mexico" (16 Greatest Hits)
9. Neutral Milk Hotel - "Holland, 1945" (In the Aeroplane Over the Sea)
10. Sam Cooke - "Mean Old World" (Night Beat)
11. Weezer - "Why Bother?" (Pinkerton)
12. The Dismemberment Plan - "Back and Forth" (Emergency & I)

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