I never knew having an affair would be so much work.

01. Ryan Adams and Kim Richey - "Come Pick Me Up" (Heartbreaker)

02. Apache Dancers - "I Can't Talk To Her" (War Stories)

03. Joan Armatrading - "Weakness in Me" (Walk Under Ladders)

04. The Artful Dodger - "Woman Trouble" (Re-Rewind)

05. Bats and Mice - "Worst Comes To Worst" (Believe It Mammals)

06. Camera Obscura - "Tears For Affairs" (Let's Get Out of This Country)

07. The Cardigans - "My Favourite Game" (Gran Turismo)

08. Elvis Costello - "Different Finger" (Trust)

09. Cowboy Junkies - "Lonely Sinking Feeling" (Lay It Down)

10. Julie Doiron - "Oh These Walls" (Heart and Crime)

11. Drunk With Joy - "The Beginning" (Sound Living)

12. Bob Dylan - "Where Are You Tonight (Journey Through Dark Heat)?" (Street Legal)

13. The Flying Burrito Brothers - "Dark End of the Street" (The Gilded Palace of Sin)

14. George Harrison - "Behind That Locked Door" (All Things Must Pass)

15. David Lindley - "Your Old Lady" (El Rayo-X)

16. Buddy and Julie Miller - "I Can't Get Over You" (Midnight and Lonesome)

17. Moth - "Burning Down My Sanity" (Provisions, Fiction and Gear)

18. Harry Nilsson - "You're Breaking My Heart" (Son of Schmilsson)

19. The Raconteurs - "Call It a Day" (Broken Boy Soldiers)

20. Ramones - "I Just Want To Have Something To Do" (Road to Ruin)

21. Jimmy Reed - "Baby What You Want Me To Do" (12 String Guitar Blues)

22. The Smithereens - "Beauty and Sadness" (Beauty and Sadness EP)

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