I really got used to her but ı am losing her

01. Daniel Mustard “Do Without” (Daniel Mustard)
02. Obidiah Parker “Let’s Stay Together” (The Tip Jar Pt.1)
03. Passenger “Let Her Go” (Single)
04. Mangnolia Electric Co. “Down The Wrong Road Both Ways” (Single)
05. The Avett Brothers “The Ballad of Love and Hate” (Emotionalism)
06. Dave Pahanish “The One That Got Away” (Dave Pahanish)
07. Alabama Shakes “I Found You” (Boys and Girls)
08. Matt Hires “Honey, Let Me Sing You a Song” (Take us to the start)
09.Green River Ordinance “Come On” (Single)
10. The Maine “Right Girl” (Black & White)
11. Matt Ryczek “Without You” (Six Year Plan)
12. Carolina Liar “Coming to Terms” (Coming to Terms)
13. Matt Wertz “5:19” Under Summer Sun
14. Nathan Angelo “Love Sucks” (Through Playing Me)
15. Matt Ketteman & Cameron Mizell “Back For Good” (Follow Through)

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