I really liked this song, but I hate you for so many things; you ruined it for me. You ruiner

01. Cee-Lo Green - “Fuck You” (The Lady Killer)
02. Oasis - “Wonderwall” ((What’s The Story?) Morning Glory)
03. Any song by Eminem. Seriously.
04. MGMT - “Time To Pretend” (Oracular Spectacular)
05. Bruce Springsteen - “Born in the USA” (Born in the USA)
06. Sufjan Stevens - “Chicago” (Illinoise)
07. Any song by Sublime
08. Any song by U2. Only the good songs. None of this “Atomic Bomb” bullshit; they were ruined to begin with.
09. St. Vincent - “The Strangers” (Actor) Fuck you, Kid Cudi.
10. Any song by Kanye West.
11. Any of the songs on Blue Album and Pinkerton by Weezer. Fuck you pretentious hipster teens gettin’ all up in my Weezer.
12. Rage Against the Machine - “Killing in the Name” (Rage Against the Machine) All you XTREME douchebags get away from my Rage Against the Machine.

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