I wanna hear what electronic dance music would sound like if done by aliens

I do too!

01. Morton Subotnick - “Touch - Part 2” (Morton Subotnick Vol. 1)
02. Forcefield - “Bass GNM 1 (Program to Repeat)” (Roggaboggas)
03. Yo Gabba Gabba - “Party In My Tummy” (Yo Gabba Gabba)
04. Black Dice - “Rodriguez” (Mr. Impossible)
05. Mr. Oizo - “Vagiclean 2” (Moustache (Half a Scissor))
06. Mouse On Mars - “They Know Your Name” (Parastrophics)
07. Hearts of Darknesses - “Boi Boi 02” (Hot New Herbal Breakthrough: Gain 3 Inches!!!)
08. ZZ Pot - “Laser Assault Party” (Found In The Streets Vols. 6,7,8)
09. DJ Nate - “Ima Dog” (Bangs & Works Vol. 1)
10. Autechre - “bnc Castl” (Quaristice)
11. Secular Musics Of South Yorkshire - “Blind Youth” (Reproduction)
12. Florian Hecker - “Acid In The Style Of David Tudor” (Acid In The Style Of David Tudor)
13. DJ Rashad - “Kush Ain’t Loud” (TEKLIFE Vol. 1: Welcome To The Chi)
14. Lightning Bolt - “Flooded Chamber” (Earthly Delights)
15. DJ Jukie Jinx - “Ruffy Galvunkian” (Unreleased/SoundCloud)
16. Eli Keszler - “End Grooves (part one)” (Endgrove)

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