I want to walk home instead of taking the bus.

This playlist will inspire at its outset, interrogate at its midpoint, and console during its tragic and inescapable conclusion.

01. Elephant’s Memory - “Takin’ A Walk” (Elephant’s Memory)
02. King Tee - “Played Like A Piano” (At Your Own Risk)
03. Bob van Asperen - “Concerto d-moll BWV 1059 - 2” (Concertos For Solo Harpsichord)
04. Ghost Office - “Xylitol” (Unreleased)
05. SebastiAn - “Victimo” (Steak OST)
06. Scott Walker - “The Old Man’s Back Again (Dedicated To The Neo-Stalinist Regime)” (SCOTT 4)
07. Rhymefest - “Devil’s Pie” (Blue Collar)
08. Blind Blake - “Walkin’ Across The Country” (All The Published Sides, Volume #3: 1928)
09. Budos Band - “Chicago Falcon” (The Budos Band II)
10. Peg Leg Sam Jackson - “Walking Cane” (Appalachian Blues)
11. Mwana Talitambula - “The Child Will Never Walk” (Abayudaya: Music from the Jewish People of Uganda”

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