I’m in my 20’s and still want to dance in my undies

01. j+j+j - “We Both Wear Headphones at Our Job (Schmoof Remix)” (Online Release)
02. La Roux - “Bulletproof” (Album)
03. Katrina And The Waves - “Walking On Sunshine” (Katrina And The Waves)
04. Ladyhawke - “Back Of The Van” (Ladyhawke)
05. Human League - “Don’t You Want Me” (Dare)
06. Bell Biv Devoe - “Poison” (Poison)
07. The Mighty Mighty Bosstones - “The Impression That I Get” (Let It Be)
08. Carla Thomas And Otis Redding - “Knock On Wood” (King And Queen)
09. Elton John - “Philadelphia Freedom” (Single)
10. David Bowie - “Let’s Dance” (Let’s Dance)
11. Beastie Boys - “Make Some Noise (Hot Sauce Committee Part 2)

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