I’ve been told I should be proud of living in the Twin Cities; someone needs to show me how

Most people in the city will be familiar with a lot of this, but I wanted to dig slightly deeper than Rhymesayers. There is so much great music here, and it does almost make up for the snow and road construction.

01. Ladybrugs - “My Wools” (Live From Hell EP)
02. Red Pens - “Hung Out” (Reasons)
03. Nice Purse - “Heart Medley” (Black Medal)
04. Lucy Michelle and The Velvet Lapelles - “Special Party Time for Everybody” (Special Party Time for Everybody)
05. Guante and Big Cats - “No Capes” (An Unwelcome Guest)
06. Total Babe - “(Mission Hills Country Club Wall of) Champions” (Heatwave EP)
07. The Bad Plus - “Keep the Bugs off Your Glass and the Bears off Your Ass” (These Are the Vistas)
08. Dosh - “Um, Circles And Squares” (The Lost Take)
09. Dessa - “Alibi” (A Badly Broken Code)

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