I’ve taken on this job which is a lot of responsibility and it’s really difficult and I wanna give up but I also wanna see it through so I can see myself as not a total failure

I bet you kick so much ass and I think you should continue to do so. This shit is all about getting pumped on yrself and self-love and doing what you can and if it doesn’t meet up with some dumb outside expectations then so what, you’re still a good human being.


01. Fastbacks - “Wrong, Wrong, Wrong” (…and His Orchestra)
02. Marnie Stern - “Gimme” (Marnie Stern)
03. The Dodos - “Don’t Stop” (No Color)
04. Sparks - “Falling In Love With Myself Again” (Kimono My House)

05. Pete Holmes - “Pieeeeeeeerce!” (Impregnated With Wonder)

06. Jonathan Richman and The Modern Lovers- “I’m Just Beginning to Live” (Rockin’ and Romance)
07. The Feelies - “For Awhile” (Only Life)
08. Clues - “Let’s Get Strong” (Clues)
09. Malvina Reynolds - “I Don’t Mind Failing” (Sings The Truth)

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