Make me a five-song introduction to the music scene in your city. If I wanted to start going to show

Compiled by: Gillybird86

As much as I love Mason Jennings, I tried to stay away from the more widely popular bands/artists. Though these bands/artists come from more areas of Minnesota than just Minneapolis and St Paul, that is where I'd say the "music scene is" and where most of them play. All of these bands can be discovered on MySpace. And all of them, except Meredith Fierke, can be found on iTunes. Meredith has one album out, but has only just recently released it.

01. Cloud Cult - "Bobby's Spacesuit" (Advice From The Happy Hippo)
02. Skittish - "Phantom's Toast (Tragedy Of The Commons)
03. Meredith Fierke - "Train's Song" (The Procession)
04. The Plagiarists -"Lonely Love" (Literal Scene)
05. Roma di Luna - "Plenty" (Find Your Way Home)


Compiled by: makemeone

Welcome to Montreal.

01. Wolf Parade - "Grounds for Divorce" (Apologies to the Queen Mary)
02. Arcade Fire - "Black Mirror" (Neon Bible)
03. Islands - "Rough Gem" (Return to the Sea)
04. Stars - "Your Ex-Lover is Dead" (Set Yourself on Fire)
05. Handsome Furs - "Handsome Furs Hate This City" (Plague Park)


Compiled by: Enginedriver

It's hard to make a mix tape for a place like Athens, GA without including R.E.M., Elephant 6, The B-52's, or any of the other big names, but the hardest part about this is trying to remove my bias and include bands that me or my friends are not affiliated with. But that is what makes Athens great; most people (minus the fraternities) are making music here, and a lot of it is good. If you ever come to this mecca eat at Weaver D's and then walk around downtown, you'll hear something you like

01. Cinemechanica - "Brain Tarp" (Martial Arts)
02. Dark Meat- "Angle of Meth" (Universal Indians)
03. Allison Weiss- "The End" (Allison Weiss & the Way She Likes It)
04. Ham 1- "I Wave Back" (The Underground Stream)
05. Iron Hero- "We Should Run While We Have the Chance" (Safe as Houses)

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