mind wander

1. Wilco “Poor Places”(Yankee Hotel Foxtrot)
2. PJ Harvey & Thom Yorke “This Mess We’re In”
(Stories from…)
3. Liars “The Other Side of MT.Heart Attack”
(Drum’s Not Dead)
4. Rhye “The Fall” (Single)
5. My Bloody Valentine “she found now” (m b v)
6. The Walkmen “No Christmas While I’m Talking”
(Bows & Arrows)
7. Beach House “Norway” (Teen Dream)
8. Junior Boys “High Come Down” (Last Exit)
9. The Wrens “She Sends Kisses” (Meadowlands)
10. Bright Eyes “Lua” (I’m Wide Awake, It’s Morning)
11. The Strokes “I’ll Try Anything Once”
12. James Blake “Retrograde” (Overgrown)
13. Blur “Caravan” (Think Tank)
14. Phosphorescent “Song for Zula” (Muchacho)
15. Dismemberment Plan “Automatic” (Change)
16. TV On the Radio “Tonight” (…Cookie Mountain)
17. The xx “Crystallised” (The xx)
18. Modest Mouse “Gravity Rides Everything
(The Moon & Antarctica)
19. Arcade Fire “Ocean of Noise” (Neon Bible)

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