A mix to leave on a table at the neighborhood cafe to introduce someone to your favorite music

01. Nat King Cole - "Nature Boy" (The Greatest Hits)
02. Au Revoir Simone - "Stay Golden" (Verses of Comfort, Assurance, and Salvation)
03. Real Live Tigers - "Riverbeds" (This Is Sometimes A Riverbed)
04. Leonard Cohen - "Famous Blue Raincoat" (Songs of Love and Hate)
05. Tinyfolk - "If I Were An Owl" (Platapeasawallaland: A Rainy-Day Owlbum)
06. Man Man - "Black Mission Goggles" (Six Demon Bag)
07. Per Se - "Adelaide" (PDX Pop Now Compilation 2004)
08. Herman Düne - "I Wish That I Could See You Soon" (Giant)
09. David Bowie - "Young Americans" (Young Americans)
10. The Microphones/Mt. Eerie - "I Whale" (Live Before the Halloween Show 2003)
11. Destroyer - "Farrar, Straus and Giroux" (Streethawk: A Seduction)
12. Port O'Brien - "Tree Bones" (Nowhere To Run)
13. Final Fantasy - "This Lamb Sells Condos" (He Poos Clouds)
14. The Blow - "What Tom Said About The Girls" (Concussive Caress, Or, Casey Caught Her Mom Singing Along With The Vacuum)
15. Jolie Holland - "Darlin' Ukelele" (Escondida)
16. The Sarcastic Dharma Society featuring Thanksgiving - "Red" (Unreleased Track)
17. The Shaky Hands - "Summer's Life" (The Shaky Hands)
18. Liz Isenberg - "Two Weeks ‘Til The Midwest" (Hampshire Songs)
19. Wolf Parade - "Grounds For Divorce" (Apologies to the Queen Mary)
20. I'm From Barcelona - "We're From Barcelona" (Let Me Introduce My Friends)

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