A mixtape to tell my mama how much I love her

01. Eisley- "Golly Sandra" (Room Noises)

02. Social Distortion- "Mommy's Little Monster" (Mommy's Little Monster)
03. Christina Aguilera - "Oh Mother" (Back To Basics)
04. The Beatles - "From Me To You" (With The Beatles)
05. Ani DiFranco - "This Bouquet" (Not A Pretty Girl)
06. The Decemberists - "16 Military Wives" (Picaresque)
07. Devendra Banhart- "I Feel Just Like A Child" (Cripple Crow)
08. The Veronicas- "Mother Mother" (The Secret Life Of The Veronicas)
09. Escape The Fate- "The Day I Left The Womb" (Dying Is Your Latest Fashion)

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