Music That Captain Beefheart Would Proclaim Genius

I originally had 30 artists ready for the mix, but I decided to keep it short and a little more fresh. Some new, some old, no Zappa. Cappy would probably disagree with most of these. Well, he'd probably dig Caroliner

01. Foot Village - "Erecting The Wall Of Separation" (Friendship Nation)
02. Caroliner - "The Ballad of Hamdrags" (Cooking Stove Beast)
03. Deerhoof - "Dog on the Sidewalk" (Milk Man)
04. Lightning Bolt - "Assassins" (Wonderful Rainbow)
05. Boredoms - "Super You" (Super Ae)
06. Major Organ & the Adding Machine - "Walking in the Sun" (Major Organ)
07. The Residents - "Olive and Gray" (Animal Lover)
08. Animal Collective - "Leaf House" (Sung Tongs)
09. Neon Hunk - "Bunny Tails" (My Name Is Rar)
10. Lazy Magnet - "Masters of Science Fiction" (He Sought for That Magic)
11. The Music Tapes - "Song Of The Nomad Lost" (1st Imaginary Symphony)
12. The Frogs - "Men (Come on Men)" (It's Only Right and Natural)
13. Nurse with Wound - "Gusset Typing" (She and Me Fall Together in Free Death)

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