01. Loreena McKennit - “Incantation” (An Ancient Muse)
02. David Arkenstone - “Behind Walls of Stone” (The Celtic Book of Days)
03. Vas - “Inamorata” (In the Garden of Souls)
04. nR Element - “Adesso e Fortuna: Records of Lodoss War” (Miscommunication)
05. Britney Spears - “Lace and Leather” (Circus)
06. Dar Williams - “You Rise and Meet the Day” (My Better Self)
07. Cusco - “Eros and Psyche” (Inner Journeys: Myth and Legends)
08. Natasha Bedingfield - “Pocketful of Sunshine” (Pocketful of Sunshine)
09. Sonata Arctica - “The Cage/Vodka” (For the Sake of Revenge)
10. Ludo - “The Horror of Our Love” (You’re Awful, I Love You)
11. Nightwish - “She Is My Sin” (Wishmaster)
12. Boys Like Girls - “Learning to Fall” (Boys Like Girls)
13. Elán - “Slave to Love” (Bryan Ferry Cover)
14. Love/Hate - “Slave Girl” (Blackout in the Red Room)

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