Music for walking all day in the desert

01. Eternal Tapestry & Sun Araw - “Night gallery IV” (Night Gallery)
02. Jolly Kunjappu - “Dawn to dusk” (Warm Embrace)
03. Moondog - “Surf session” (Moondog)
04. La Bionda - “Sandstorm” (La Bionda)
05. Studio - “West side” (Yearbook 1)
06. The Flies - “Walking in the sand” (All Too Human)
07. A Mountain of One - “Ride” (Collected Works)
08. Boneless - “Hymn” (Friendship Bracelet Club Volume 3)
09. Joe Meek - “Valley of the Saroos” (I hear a new world: An outer space music fantasy)
10. Tinariwen - “Aden osamnat” (Tassili)
11. Jex Thoth - “Equinox suite B Thawing magus” (ST)
12. Liars - “Protection” (Liars)
13. Raven - “It’s too fucking hot but we’ve still got the melody” (The Stumble ep)
14. Tape - “Sand dunes” (Rideau)
15. Barton Smith - “Morcadu” (Reelizations II)
16. Yair Yona - “It’s not the heat it’s the humidity” (World Behind Curtains)
17. Low - “Sandinista” (Drums and guns)
18. Quiet Village - “Free Rider” (Silent Movie)

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