Music to play over bad ‘80s cartoons to make them seem arty

It's hard to determine what someone finds 'arty,' so this is my best attempt (keyword, attempt) at doing exactly that for you. Enjoy!
01. Four Tet - "Hands" (Rounds)
02. A Boy Named Thor - "Pie and Broken Hearts" (Yesterday's Song)
03. Neutral Milk Hotel - "Calypso Part One" (Invent Yourself a Shortcake)
04. Deerhoof - "All Rise" (Bibidi Babidi Boo)
05. Karl Blau - "Ode to Ocean" (Beneath Waves)
06. God is an Astronaut - "The End of the Beginning" (The End of the Beginning)
07. Donovan - "The Observation" (Mellow Yellow / Wear Your Love Like Heaven)
08. Japanther - "Critical" (Dump the Body In Rikki Lake)
09. Four Tet - "She Moves She" (Rounds)
10. Grizzly Bear - "Campfire" (Horn of Plenty)
11. Imogen Heap - "Hide and Seek" (Speak for Yourself)
12. Her Space Holiday - "Gravity Fails Us" (Audio Astronomy)
13. Jandek - "No Slow Ones" (Telegraph Melts)
14. Lightning Bolt - "Crown of Storms" (Wonderful Rainbow)
15. Animal Collective - "Bees" (Feels)

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