My favorite band used to be NOFX, and now it’s Godspeed You! Black Emperor. What happened to me?

01. New Bomb Turks - “Jukebox Lean” (Scared Straight)
02. The Descendants - “I’m not a Punk” (Milo Goes to College)
03. Wire - “Dot Dash” (Pink Flag)
04. Big Black - “Racer-X” (Racer-X)
05. Suicide - “Ghost Rider” (Suicide)
06. Fucked Up - “No Epiphany” (Chemistry of Common Life)
07. Boris - “Blackout” (Pink)
08. Rangda - “Bull Lore” (False Flag)
09. Russian Circles - “Geneva” (Geneva)
10. Liars - “To Hold You, Drum” (Drum’s Not Dead)
11. Flying Saucer Attack - “Star City” (Mirror)
12. Expo 70 - “Metensomatosis” (Death Voyage)
13. Mogwai - “Folk Death 95” (Mr. Beast)

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