My future work will be based on filming people who will get hit by my car at night.

01. Racebannon - "Death Valley '69" (Confuse Yr Idols: A Tribute to Sonic
02. Ministry - "Jesus Built My Hotrod" (Psalm 69)
03. Slayer - "South of Heaven" (South of Heaven)
04. PJ Harvey - "Driving" (4-Track Demos)
05. M83 - "Car Chase Terror" (Before the Dawn Heals Us)
06. Air - "Dead Bodies" (The Virgin Suicides)
07. Sonic Youth - "In the Kingdom #19" (EVOL)
08. Angelo Badalamenti - "Into The Night" (Twin Peaks)
09. Wu Tang Clan - "Severe Punishment" (Forever)
10. Le Volume Courbe - "I Killed My Best Friend" (I Killed My Best
11. Primal Scream - "Detroit" (Evil Heat)
12. Deerhunter - "Lake Somerset" (Cryptograms)
13. Sonic Youth & Lydia Lunch - "Death Valley '69" (Bad Moon Rising)

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