My girlfriend’s into noise music. How the hell can I make her a romantic mixtape?

This is a hard one, Dave. I based this one on the more intense side of romance But what is love without some sort of (non-physical) violence?

01. Shellac - "Prayer To God" (1000 Hurts)
02. Beelzebub Youth - "Christian Lovers" (Music From Hell)
03 James Chance & The Contortions - "Flip Your Face" (No New York)
04. Big Black - "L Dopa" (Songs About Fucking)
05. Daniel Johnston - "Grievances" (Songs Of Pain)
06. Brian Eno - "Here Come The Warm Jets" (Here Come The Warm Jets)
07. Gang Of Four - "Damaged Goods" (Entertainment!)
08. Can - "Mary, Mary So Contrary" (Monster Movie)
09. CocoRosie - "Candyland" (La Maison De Mon Reve)
10. Sonic Youth - "Shadow Of A Doubt" (EVOL)

Compiled by: jenniferanne

I once made half a romantic noise mixtape which was never finished because I was really slow about getting it together and he broke up with me a quarter of the way into the B side. It gives me great joy to imagine this tape reaching it's intended recipient!

01. Axolotl - "There are Sometimes Miracles" (Way Blank)
02. Shit and Shine - "Küss mich, meine Liebe" (Küss mich, meine Liebe)
03. Daniel Menche - "Caressing the Scream" (Screaming Caress)
04. Skullflower - "Void of Roses" (Tribulation)
05. Mutators - "Forever" (Breath of You Came Through)
06. Aerosol Constellations - "Never in a Dream" (The Great Great Seagull Flats)
07. Vibracathedral Orchestra - "Hypnotism in Your Hips" (Dabbling With Gravity and Who You Are)
08. Prurient - "Our Two Bodies" (Love and Romance)
09. Yellow Swans - "High on the Mountain of Love" (Bring the Neon War Home)

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